The Letters Of Volrad Tammen,

A Frysian Noble in Paris

Hera Volradus Tammius
3 August
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Greetings, I am Hera (Lord) Volrad Tammen of Frysia, head of House Ternhill and merchandizer to the meek as well as the affluent of my adopted city, Paris. I first moved to Paris in 1270 to attend the University of Paris and handle some importing and exporting business for my family. As many at the University I make my home in the Latin quarter. Of late I have been making trip to the Kingdom's of Atlantia, Aethemearcn and The East looking for exports to add to the business.

Among my interests you may note that I have included SCA. Frankly, I am unsure what this is, but several of my associates have suggested its inclusion. If anyone could explain what it is, I would be greatful.

In service,

Volrad - the 13th day of November, 1288